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Tough to beat: PC Magazine praises VeriClock’s pricing, features and flexibility

VANCOUVER -- A leading industry publication has recently praised VeriClock as tailor-made for this new era in which businesses of all kinds are being pushed to incorporate remote work.

“VeriClock excels at time tracking and does so at a price that’s tough to beat,” according to PC Magazine in a comprehensive review.

Noting how VeriClock was designed to meet the needs of workers and managers in a variety of fields involving shift work and multiple job locations, the article concludes VeriClock is “uniquely positioned now during the pandemic and its resulting need for remote work.”

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The in-depth review praises VeriClock’s “solid foundations and features,” “foresight and flexibility” and “neat and easy to manage workflow.”

PC Magazine, founded in 1982, is an authoritative and trusted source in the industry. Also known as PC Mag for short, the publication rose to prominence with the rise of personal computers in the 1980s and has remained a go-to source for product reviews.

PC Mag’s review provides a detailed comparison with other time tracking and management platforms. Their conclusion? “VeriClock is among the most affordable time tracking solutions we tested.”

In addition to emphasizing the tough-to-beat pricing, PC Mag also highlights VeriClock’s performance and speed: “For tasks that are time-critical such as time tracking dozens of employees, VeriClock could very well be the fastest tool we’ve tested.”

In addition, PC Mag describes VeriClock’s customizable features and options such as geofencing, calling the platform “more versatile than similar time tracking solutions we’ve tested.”

PC Mag concludes that the most relevant feature of VeriClock’s “no-nonsense approach” is the fact it was developed with remote workers and remote teams in mind. If your company is looking to transition to, or expand, its remote work, VeriClock is indeed tough to beat.

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