Employee Time Tracking Solutions

Employee Time Tracking Clock

Vericlock offers cloud-based employee time tracking solutions, which means you’ll never have to bother with another software download or update again. It also works on any device your employees have from tablets, desktops, and smartphones even to flip phones.


Smartphone Punch Clock

Clock-In using your smartphone. Use the VeriClock app on your Android or Apple Device.


Web Punch Clock

Punch-In anywhere from any device from the web.


SMS & Call Punch Clock

Text from any device with SMS texting or call from any phone to punch-in.

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Verify & Notify

VeriClock’s unique verification helps ensure honesty and transparency for employees’ time tracking. GPS geotagging and time stamps ensure that employees are clocking in when and where they should be. You can even set up real time email alerts for all clock in and out activity for one or all employees. This can assist with transparency, or catching common time tracking errors such as forgetting to clock out at the end of the day.

In the event an employee does forget to clock out at the end of the day, VeriClock’s TimeGuard feature will detect it and will automatically clock them out. The TimeGuard feature helps notice common time tracking errors to ensure accuracy, saving you time and money.

Location Management

Digital Signatures

VeriClock opens communication between employers and employees to mitigate any potential time tracking disputes. Review past time cards at any time, message directly through the platform for easy communication and use digital signatures for both employees and employers to sign off on time cards.

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Comply with Labour Regulations

Certain jurisdictions and types of employment require employees to sign-off on their timesheet before being paid. VeriClock makes this easy with digital signatures possible right in the app.

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Automatic Signature Requests

If you wish to have employees sign off on their timesheets regularly, set-up automatic signature requests.

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Paper Option Available

With our digital signature option, it eliminates the need to print, sign and store paper. However, paper options are available in the event it is required.

Reporting & Integrations

Gaining easy access to key labour data for your business means you can see which jobs, customers or tasks take are taking the longest. See exactly where your businesses time, and money is going.

All data is in real time and can be customized to see exactly what you need, from job costing reports to payroll obligations.

Vericlock seamlessly exports all your time tracking data for easy integration into your accounting software, saving you time so you can do what really matters. Whether you are using QuickBooks, Sage Simply Accounting, Peachtree, or another solution, we can make your data work.

Need a custom report? Let us know! We’re always looking for ways to help our customers and enhance our feature set.

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Custom Data Gathering

Knowing more means making more. When it comes to your business, you want quick and easy access to the data you need to make informed decisions. VeriClock’s customizable and flexible software allows you to see a range of metrics to gain insights into your business.

Flexible & Scalable

The best part about VeriClock is that it can be customized to fit your businesses needs. No matter how simple or complex. If you just need clock in/out data, Vericlock will work for you. If you need more complex features like harvesting job codes, task codes, mileage tracking, safety check and more, VeriClock will keep you on track.

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Not Quite the Perfect Fit?

VeriClock constantly adapts and extends its product to accommodate the unique cases many of our clients bring us. If our product doesn’t work how you want it to, let us know! We can often incorporate small changes quickly, and bigger changes within our regular development lifecycle. If that’s still not enough, we can also help build customized time tracking solutions that will fit your business exactly.

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