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VeriClock enables greater transparency between employers and employees. GPS geo tagging allows you to see exactly where your employees are clocking in and out from, in real time. For businesses with multiple locations, or courier and delivery services, VeriClock is the perfect solution to ensure employee honesty and productivity.

Time tracking for operations with multiple locations doesn’t have to be a challenge. Whether you’re managing a team of couriers or trades working at different job sites, VeriClock makes time tracking a breeze. GPS geotagging and mileage tracking ensure employees can track from anywhere, anytime.

Manage Employee Locations

VeriClock makes it easy to ensure employees clock in at the right time, in the right place. Clock in data is time-stamped and geotagged. Meaning you can tell where an employee clocked in. Photos and videos can also be attached for further proof.

GPS Geotagging

With advanced GPS geotagging, managers and supervisors have the ability to view individual employees on a map for the duration of their shift.

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Flexible Office Hours

Vericlock offers easy to use software that can help employees who don’t work traditional 9-5 hours. Time tracking means you can offer your employees flexible work hours while tracking total time to make sure they’re staying accountable while maintaining a flexible work schedule.

Manage Job Progress

Track job progress by having employees snap before, during and after photos or video of their work. Media can be attached to their daily shifts right in the software. Send media to clients, or have supervisors review for increased communication on job progress.

Monitoring Schedules

VeriClock can help increase your productivity and find out what processes need to be changed to increase efficiency. Monitoring schedules can help you keep track of how many employees don’t show up for shifts, and monitor if employees are clocking in when they need to.

VeriClock can help you stay on track, whether you need a time tracking solution that is complex, detailed and broken down by task, or something simple to keep track of when employees clock in and out.

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Manage Employee Expenses & Vehicle Use

Employees can attach photos of work-related receipts to streamline the process of using a company card and tracking expenses. Similarly, employees using a company car can attach a photo of odometers to track their vehicle use.

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VeriClock offers easy to use systems on hardware you already know how to use. Time tracking for trades allows for transparency and honesty from employees tracking their time. It also gives supervisors insight into project details, costs, timelines and much more. Manage more efficient projects, find time theft and increase productivity.

Workers punch in and out of each job site with their existing device. Vericlock also has GPS features to ensure that employees are tracking in from the right job site at the right time.

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Courier & Delivery

With the ability to use any device, from a smartphone to a laptop to a flip phone, couriers and delivery staff can clock in and out for every shift or route and easily switch to a new route or client. GPS geotagging also lets you know exactly where employees are clocking in from, ensuring credibility.

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Simple to use and saves us money!

With 100 plus employees, tracking their time in and time out used to be a real headache – VeriClock has greatly simplified this process, and saved us money in the process.

– Ebonique Norman, Continuum Care Services
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A great paperless tool for tracking time and location

VeriClock is a great paperless tool for tracking employees’ time and location, and the ability to do job costing for various stages of large projects is an excellent side benefit.

– Geoff Vetter, Vetterbuilt Homes Ltd.

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