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VeriClock is a time and attendance system that records time worked by employees. Our system precisely tracks labor expenses, quite often a company’s most valuable asset, and biggest expense. We help you get it right.

Employees clock in and out where and when they are supposed to, in real-time, via the internet or any type of phone. Any computer with internet access, any land line, or cell phone may be used. You can use VeriClock without the need for buying or maintaining additional card swipers, palm scanners, retina readers, key fobs, or any other types of hardware. You get to use your existing hardware so implementation and set-up are simple, and our service can be used by your employees straightaway.

For administrator’s peace of mind, you can rest assured knowing data is stored in real-time on the web and can be accessed from anywhere you have internet access. In addition, your data can be downloaded by you at any time, in various export formats, so you always have control of your information. We also seamlessly handle all software maintenance and updates from our end, which translates into a worry-free experience for you.

VeriClock provides a straightforward onboarding process so your employees can start tracking time right away. Your fully-functional free trial begins the moment you create your account; you don’t even need to enter your credit card information to get started. Simply:

  1. Sign-up for our free trial
  2. Add employees and jobs to the system
  3. Ask your employees to clock in and out of the system, by phone or web
  4. View employee activities in real-time, generate pre-created reports for payroll, or customize reports to suit your needs

VeriClock offers numerous verification features like caller ID, IP address tracking, voice verification, and GPS tracking. In addition, an administrator can view the real-time status of all employees at anytime and can be notified immediately by email when specific employees clock in or out. So, if a worker decides to jump the gun and clock in from home, your supervisors can be alerted in real-time, making problems very easy to discover. You can address problems live, while they’re small and easy to fix, instead of waiting weeks before you even know the problem exists when you use paper timesheets.

VeriClock is $5 per user, per month and a $10/month account fee, but that only paints half the picture. What most people want to understand is what value VeriClock can bring to their company. For that, we have a savings calculator that can help you see where VeriClock actually returns money to your business. Most of our customers are pleasantly surprised by the potential savings they can realize by switching away from paper timesheets.

Our savings calculator is where you want to go to find out just how much your business could be saving by switching to VeriClock. Most of our clients save 3-10 times what they pay to use our system. Since our trial period is free, you actually begin saving straightaway!

Our worry-free, Cloud-based service is fully-maintained and updated on our end. There’s nothing for you to do but watch your savings add up every month.

We strive to make our service simple to configure and easy to use, but if you do need help getting started, we are available via e-mail, chat, and phone, free to you, whenever you need us.

Our system is designed to provide all the basic functionality you need in order to track your employees’ time using your existing phones and computers. If you want to use some of our more advanced features, like GPS tagging, practically all modern Apple/Android smartphones will do the trick.

Any employee who has access to the internet or a phone can use this system. Some of our more common types of clients are: Construction Companies, Office Companies, Security Companies, Janitorial Companies, and Oil Field Companies.

While we aren’t yet a payroll company, we can integrate with virtually any payroll company that supports flat-file imports. Our customizable reporting allows for creation and manipulation of payroll exports in a format your payroll company should easily be able to ingest. Additionally, with our Sage 50 and QuickBooks integrations, your payroll becomes even easier to manage as VeriClock can seamlessly blend with those bookkeeping applications.

Some additional applications for our service include location and time verification, job progress reporting, field notes and photos, and one-way employee notification and messaging. Many professions see good use out of VeriClock’s extended services, in fields like security, courier services, law enforcement, drivers, taxis, mobile workers, daycares, and even summons/court servers.

Your data is stored indefinitely on our servers. You can access your data and download it in whole or in part in various formats, at any time.

We want you to feel comfortable with your time and attendance solution, without having to make any commitment to figure out if it’s the right one for you. Your credit card isn’t required when you sign up, and only needs to be entered if you continue to use the service after your free trial is over.

Our service is contract-free, and offered on a month-to-month or annual pre-paid basis. It can be easily cancelled 24/7 by logging into our site and selecting the appropriate options under “Account”. Please note that we are unable to prorate cancellations or provide refunds for partial usage.

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Stronger control on day to day operations

VeriClock time tracking has dramatically improved our labor control and ability to bill our clients on items that were previously uncollectable. As well, it has given us stronger control on day to day operations, both from an organizational standpoint as well as managerial.

– Lars Konge, Production Drywall
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Clock job productivity to the minute!

After using VeriClock since Sept 2011, not only do we save countless hours in chasing time sheets and entering data into a spreadsheet, we are able to clock job productivity to the minute. When we send a Time and Material invoice with the back up of every single clock in and clock out to the minute for every person on the job site, the customer is blown away at our accuracy… which means faster payment.

– Bernard Leclair, Renaissance Painting

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