$10/month account fee


per user*

  • Apps for both iOS & Android
  • Cloud-Based Management & Reporting
  • In-App Signature Capture
  • Multiple Overtime Rules & Calculation
  • Customizable Job and Service Codes
  • Customizable, Exportable Reports for Payroll and more
  • Multiple Export Formats Including CSV, XLS, XLSS, PDF
  • Group Clock-In Capability
  • Settings Configurable on a Per Company or Per User Level
  • Auto Clock-Out Employees with TimeGuard
  • Configurable E-Mail Alerts
  • GPS-Tagged Clock-In/Clock-Out and Continuous Tracking
  • Geofences
  • Integrate with Sage 50 or QuickBooks
  • Employee Onboarding Assistance
  • Free Support by Chat/Phone/E-Mail
*Any employee, manager, or admin that uses the system, or that has time tracked, will incur a user charge

Extend Your Capability

Multi-City Phone Numbers

Add local number in additional cities when employees clock by phone around the country.

Clock by Voice/Text Message!

Allow employees to clock in/out, even when mobile data isn’t available. Also works when employees don’t have smart phones. Includes one dedicated phone number.

Text Message Alerts

Alerts sent by SMS ensures you get notified of key events when cellular data is unavailable.

Toll-Free Clocking

Have employees clock by phone without incurring long-distance charges. Billed by call.

How much will you save?

Calculate how much your business could be saving monthly by increasing efficiency and accuracy with VeriClock.

Calculate the dollar amount your business could save every month with VeriClock.

Try our Cost-savings calculator to see how much your business could be saving monthly!

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Paper Time sheets?

Are you still using paper time sheets?

“Free” paper time sheets can turn out to be pretty costly. Fixing mistakes, finding corrections and even just hunting down an employee for a signature can be a burden on payroll staff.

Time tracking with VeriClock makes payroll a breeze. And, it could actually save your business every month! Use our cost savings calculator to discover how much you could be saving by switching to VeriClock.

Make payroll an activity you look forward to every month with VeriClock.

VeriClock Cost Savings Calculator

To figure out your potential savings, we’ll start by using the 5 employee count you’ve selected, and assume each employee has a minimum of 4 clock entries per weekday (clock in, lunch out, lunch in, clock out). If that’s the case, you’ll have at least 400 different clock events for the company each month.

If your payroll error rate sits at 2 percent, there will be 8 corrections to make each month. If it takes 10 minutes to find and fix the average error, that’s 80 minutes wasted every month, adding $20 to your payroll costs (at your average employee wage).

At the other end, studies have shown that employees make about 240 minutes of timekeeping errors per month (clocking in late, clocking out early, time-rounding, etc.); in our case we’ve assumed 60 minutes per month. With your 5 employee(s) earning an average of $15/hr your company could be losing $75 every month to timekeeping errors.

Combining the costs from above, it’s quite possible your business is silently losing $95 or more each and every month. VeriClock will only cost you $35. That’s $60 a month in savings! In fact, you can

Save $720

every year by switching to VeriClock!

Calculator Details

The American Payroll Association states that as much as 8% of total payroll costs are lost due to errors in recording of hours worked, employee theft, and time spent by payroll/admin staff gathering and calculating timecards. We have used a conservative figure of 4% savings in our calculations.

Optional Add-ons

  • Phone call and SMS/Text Clocking (3$ per user)
  • SMS/Text alerts and notifications
  • Photo and video attachments

If it’s not spot on…

Our Free Trial is zero commitment and zero pressure. If you don’t feel like saving time and gaining powerful insights into your business, you’re not locked into a contract or any commitments.

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Amazingly easy to use.

Without any upfront software or program costs – VeriClock’s user pay system offered a no risk trial to see if it was fit for our company. Within the first 2 weeks it proved to us to be not only extremely simple to use – but it turned our bi-weekly job costing and payroll processes from being day-long ordeals to a simple 10 minute task. Simply put – We could not imagine running our business without VeriClock now.

– Rachelle McGregor, GSC, RADA Resurfacing
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Saves my team time & money!

Our company Maxx North America Services has over a hundred employees in the field. We needed a system that was accurate, accessible from anywhere, and simple to implement. The custom solution we got from VeriClock does exactly this and more. They responded to all our needs.

– HR Manager, Maxx North America Services

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