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Nestled between sea and sky in Canada’s own Silicon Valley, VeriClock was founded in 2010 on a strong desire to solve the timekeeping challenges seen in many businesses around the world. VeriClock has strived to eliminate paper timesheets, provide real-time information on employee costs, and reduce the burden on payroll administrators, all in an effort to save those same businesses both time and money.

When the company was first launched, just as we see today, there were many time tracking solutions available on the market. While all were quite powerful in their own right, none seemed to meet the needs that more complex business operations tended to have. Even today, many companies struggle with undersized processes, or incomplete timekeeping solutions, neither of which can account for a highly-mobile workforce attending multiple, non-fixed job sites.

VeriClock’s employees work hard every day to address exactly those needs.

Since our inception, we’ve grown from handling the timekeeping challenges of local small businesses, to meeting the complex requirements of multi-national corporations. The thousands of administrators and employees who use our service every day are what has helped our company grow. Those VeriClock users, working in businesses just like yours, have actually suggested many of our feature improvements.

And that’s probably the biggest difference you’ll see when you become a part of the VeriClock ecosystem; you can take a significant role in actively growing our product. We listen to our users suggestions as they come in through any of our free support channels, because that’s what we think the people who use our product deserve. A voice at the table, helping us decide how to make our product even better.

To this day we remain a highly-agile operation, still based in Vancouver, British Columbia. We strive to maintain a diverse business, filled with partners who bring a dynamic and inclusive culture to our growing operation. We continue to work hard at replacing manual timesheets, and the new features we regularly add to our service will help you do more than that every time you use VeriClock.

Join the thousands of other businesses around the world that are saving time and money using VeriClock. See how our easy-to-use tools can make your day better. Find out what it’s like to enjoy doing payroll again. Sign up for your free trial today.



VeriClock is based in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. In addition to being a technology company hotbed, Vancouver is an excellent place to live, offering amenities to suit all life styles. World class parks, schools, and limitless outdoor activities mean there’s something here for everyone. If working for a growing tech company like VeriClock sounds interesting, and living in Vancouver is to your liking, take a look at the current job openings and send us an email.

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