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Amazingly easy to use.

Without any upfront software or program costs – VeriClock’s user pay system offered a no risk trial to see if it was fit for our company. Within the first 2 weeks it proved to us to be not only extremely simple to use – but it turned our bi-weekly job costing and payroll processes from being day-long ordeals to a simple 10 minute task. Simply put – We could not imagine running our business without VeriClock now.

– Rachelle McGregor, GSC – RADA Resurfacing

Saves my team time & money!

Our company Maxx North America Services has over a hundred employees in the field. We needed a system that was accurate, accessible from anywhere, and simple to implement. The custom solution we got from VeriClock does exactly this and more. They responded to all our needs.

– HR Manager – Maxx North America Services