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Why Selfies on the Job are a Good Idea

Why Selfies on the Job are a Good Idea
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Selfies. Not just for teenage girls anymore. Selfies of your employees on the job. Yup, you heard me.

AND photos of your job. Before. During. After.

You’re wondering why I’m telling you to ask your employee to act like a 14 year old with an iPhone on a Thursday afternoon at the beach in California? Let me explain.

Photos on the job allow you to:

  • Verify your employee is on the correct job site.
  • Before, during and after job photos are great for showing your work.
  • Defending discrepancies – Cover your back by documenting the state you found a job site
  • Track job progress without having to be there
  • Avoid liabilities on multi day jobs where the site will be left unattended for periods of time

I’m not saying that you should morph into a 360 photography studio. I’m saying you can utilize technology to make your business better.

Start uploading your jobs’ photos.