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VeriClock Month in Review – March 2014

VeriClock Month in Review – March 2014

March was a busy month at VeriClock. We saw the launch of a number of new features. Most notably:

New Alert Interface

The old alert system was somewhat limited in its flexibility. The new interface is very power, allowing a great deal of control and flexibility, yet extremely easy to use. You can select employees individually, or by group, and ensure alerts are sent to whoever needs to be kept in the loop, be it admins, managers, other employees or the very employee that triggered the alert.

All the old alerts you remember are there and can be found in the Settings | Alerts tab:

    • Duration Alerts – Allowing you to generate alerts when an employee reaches particular hour quotas on a day, week, bi-weekly, or 4 week basis. Use this to ensure compliance with hourly maximums, sending the worker an email or sms alert telling them its time to go home. Or use it to notify a manager or admin when an employee’s hours are approaching their overtime threshold.
    • Clock In/Out Alerts – Be notified when a particular employee or group of employees arrives at work or heads home. Very simple and straight forward.
  • Timeguard Alerts – Timeguard acts to clock out an employee and flag that event as erroneous when they have exceeded a pre-determined number of hours in a day, almost always due to forgetting to clock out. With this, the employee themselves can be notified by email or sms that they were “Timeguarded” out of the system. They will then know to contact their manager to correct the error.

GEO Locate Regular Mobile Phones

Track clock in or out locations, or look up an on-the-clock employee’s location in real time. The employee can be using any type of handset – a smartphone is not required. We are just finishing up a limited beta and the response has been very positive. This feature will be publicly available within the next month. If you would like early access, please contact us at

United Kingdom Launch

While we have always worked in the UK via web or smart phone, we just launched phone and sms time tracking there. UK businesses can now have their employees clock in using all of our available methods.

The coming months will see more and more requested features get flushed out and released. Stay tuned.