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Quantum Technology Enables Pre-Time Tracking

VeriClock is pleased to announce the release of Pre-TimeTM, the long anticipated add-on that enables the tracking of future time that has yet to occur.

When you enable Pre-TimeTM, several things become available in your account:

  1. Pre-TimeTM and Attendance – See the hours worked by your employees before they work them. Run reports 3, 6, or 12 months from now, today!
  2. Pre-TimeTM Job Costing – Wonder if that job you are bidding is going to be profitable? Run the job costing report now. If the job is not sufficiently profitable consider passing on the opportunity, or inspect your Pre-TimeTM and Attendance reports and see if you can’t identify a leak in your labour costs.
  3. Pre-TimeTM Geo Tracking – Knowing where your assets are going to be, weeks and months in advance will unlock countless new avenues to enhance your business.
  4. Pre-TimeTM No Show Alerts – Dealing with a critical job where a worker unexpectedly can’t make it will never be a problem again. Your Pre-TimeTM No Show Alerts can alert you today if an employee doesn’t show up to work 6 months from now, allowing you to schedule a replacement and avoid costly down time.

The addition of several large scale quantum computers to VeriClock’s R&D department is what makes this possible. “I realize this sounds like a Philip K. Dick novel, but it was actually quite simple once we looked at the math“, says Bryce Pasechnik, Cofounder and Director of R&D at VeriClock. “Once you realize quantum entanglement works in space and across time, you quickly realize the computer’s memory itself is inherently a quantum superposition of all states that it will be in in both the past, the present, and the future. Its just a simple matter of collapsing the wave function with an appropriate bias for our target time domain, and reading out the time and attendance data.

Several patents are pending on this technology, and VeriClock is investigating if there would be market opportunities for this technology beyond time and attendance. If you would like to enable Pre-TimeTM in your account, please contact