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Money Saving Tip #1: Eliminate Errors in Payroll and Timekeeping

Let’s face it – in most businesses the biggest expense is labor costs. So, errors made in the area of calculating and paying out these labor costs should rank among the most grave a company could make. And yet many companies are still using archaic systems to track their labor costs.

Does your company have a step that involves the manual recording of time worked by employees, like filling out a paper time card (or, simply scribbling their time on a napkin)? Does your payroll staff have to manually enter data into an excel sheet or payroll software?

The potential errors that can be made when these crucial tasks are undertaken by your staff are numerous and extremely costly. So why not update your system to one that automates these crucial tasks?

With the VeriClock time keeping system, the manual recording of hours and the manual transfer of this data are completely removed from the workflow. This results in far fewer errors with time keeping and processing payroll, which really means huge savings for the company!

Here’s a link to an illustration of how this automated process works: How it Works

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