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GEO Locating Regular Mobile Phones

GEO Locating Regular Mobile Phones

VeriClock’s latest feature, the ability to GEO track regular mobile phones (aka “Dumb Phones”), is out of beta and now generally available. With this feature, employees clocking in and out can now be located on a map, regardless of their handset type*.

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Admins may configure these settings on a global, or individual basis by going to Settings | Location while logged in. Additionally, instead of tracking every single clock in and out, a weighting can be assigned so as to track an arbitrary percentage of clocks. In addition to tagging in and out events with GPS coordinates, admins and managers can lookup the location of employees in realtime throughout the work day.

The uses for this feature go far beyond internal auditing of employee clock in/out locations. GEO coordinates will prove invaluable in locating employees on large job sites, proving to clients your crew was on site, and enhancing safety by being able to locate non-responsive team members.

If there are any questions regarding this new feature, please contact us at any time.

*A full list of supported carriers is available on the Settings | Location page once logged in.