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5 Reasons Why Digital Signatures are Good for Your Business

5 Reasons Why Digital Signatures are Good for Your Business
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And you should use them…

  1. Everyone Makes Mistakes. Employees. Employers. Clients. The guy sitting next to you. One of the most uncomfortable tensions around payday is when there is a disagreement around what the number on the check (the one that is going to feed your employee’s cat, and themselves) is supposed to be. So do your due diligence and be preventative and prepared. Weekly sign offs, while memory is fresh, certify that you and your employee both agree on the hours they worked.
  2. It’s Easy. So Easy. You don’t even need a pen. Administrators and employees can sign off using their mouse or finger on the computer, phone or tablet. Didn’t have a pen? No excuse. Use your finger. (Or ignore item 4, print and sign)
  3. Saved FOREVER. Or just as long as you need. Paper disintegrates and gets lost. Moving. Reorganizing. Flood. Your dog who eats paper. (Does that actually happen?) Whatever. Paper is unreliable as a source that is easily findable. Digital documents are easily storable with little space, are searchable, and quickly shareable across large spaces.
  4. Paperless. Paper kills trees. Go paperless. All the cool companies are doing it.
  5. Stay Compliant. While reading the regulations regarding the Affordable Care Act could save you hundreds of dollars on your Ambien prescription, the gist is that full time employees need coverage and you need to keep solid records on who is a full time employee and who isn’t starting this year. 9 out of 10 doctors agree, solid employee timekeeping records signed off by employee and employer on a regular basis reduces stress in business owners and operators.

Start using Digital Signatures today.